Day 6.5 The Transform30 Challenge

Conscious Center

bodytempleHonoring My Body Temple

If the human body is a vessel for our self-expression … a holy temple to be honored, to be loved and to be listened to, why do we:

  • Stuff ourselves with foods that make us feel bad or potentially make us sick?
  • Spend years tolerating our bodies, hating them for what they are or what they are not?
  • Get up in the morning, look in the mirror and have something less than inspiring to say to ourselves about what we see?

As an Integrative Life Coach I know that the answer is the shadow – the emotions, the beliefs, the habits and patterns stored deep inside the psyche.  Some of them are ours and some are adopted from our culture, family or friends.

During The Transform30 Challenge I taking myself through “The Shadow Effect Breakthrough Program” with the goal of exposing the shadow of the body…

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